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Body by Passion Parties

Body by Passion Parties

Happy First of the Month!!

It’s no secret that many women need more time than men to get physically and emotionally prepared for intimacy. Body by Passion Parties, only available here, encourages her to sensitize and tantalize ALL five senses long before initiating lovemaking, or even before starting her day. The taste, touch, smell, sound and sight of romance and loving yourself all encourage closeness and prepare her for complete intimacy.

Each Body by Passion Parties product is designed to heighten your senses, soothe your tensions and prepare your mind and body to receive the loving attention from a caring partner. In addition, each product is formulated to heighten one, two or several of the key senses in lovemaking. The line consists of enriched bath products, body products, edibles, and sexual enhancements.

Some of the key elements present in Body by Passion Parties to awaken our passion are:

  • Aloe juice from the powerful Aloe Vera plant added to impart a smooth, soft texture to skin, along with soothing vitamins E and A and Shea Butter.
  • Essential and nourishing oils and extracts of coconuts, raspberries, sunflowers, cucumbers, lavender, clover, wheat and oats improve the appearance and touch of skin to heighten the enjoyment of close moments.
  • Caffeine, found in our extremely popular Toning Body Butter to aid in reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • As an added bonus, all Body by Passion Parties products are not only exclusive, they’re paraben free.

Throughout the ages men and women have pursued romantic love in search of the ultimate experience of true love. Our hunger has been so great that we have created love potions, love stories, fairy tales, cupids, and even a love goddess. All of this, in the hopes of fulfilling our deepest human desires… love, passion and intimacy forever after. You will see the D.I.V.A. silhouette on new Body by Passion Parties packaging. This signifies each woman’s inner strength and love of herself. Love yourself and love the skin you’re in with Body by Passion Parties.

You can find the Body by Passion Parties products online or in the Passion Parties Catalog.

Body Dew: The Premium Multipurpose Product

How many products would you guess you have in your bathroom? According to a recent study, on average, women have 65 beauty products spread between their medicine cabinets, cupboards, showers, counter tops and makeup bags. Think about it: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofa, shaver, extra blades, hair brush, comb, foundation, powder, eye liner, eye shadow (perhaps one in every color), mascara, eyelash curler, lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, blush …  The list could go on and on, and those items add up fast.

But what if you could consolidate some of those products into one, without sacrificing quality? A product that acts as a moisturizer, bath oil, massage oil and skin brightener. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, we’ve got it! Body Dew is that multipurpose product that keeps your skin moisturized in and out of water; enhances your skin, particularly making tattoos look brighter; and acts as a nourishing massage oil. Who doesn’t love a premium multipurpose product?

The neutral, yet pleasing fragrance of Body Dew makes it an ideal base for a couple’s massage, and since it leaves a smooth, soft texture, after the massage, your bodies won’t be sticky. Instead they’ll be primed for body-to-body contact with less body friction.

Pour a small amount directly into running bath water and soak away in the nourishing oil, or after your bath or shower, spray gentle mists directly onto damp, moist skin and massage in circular motions. And if you don any ink, Body Dew isn’t just tattoo-safe, it actually enhances the skin and makes tattoos appear brighter.

Clean out those medicine cabinets, ladies, and replace all those old lotions and potions with Body Dew. We’re sure your bathroom mate – whether a partner, spouse or roommate – will be grateful.

Sex education: Having smooth, nourished skin helps build sexual self-confidence.

Emotional connection: Make intimate moments more exciting with less body friction.

Tip or suggestion: Spritz on tattoos to make them look brighter.

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