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Date night — Now That we are Home!


Some couples reserve this kind of treatment for Valentines day or a birthday but not you! You a Passion Forward! You know that continuing to date in your relationship keeps things spicy and exciting! It give you one more thing to experience with your lover! After you’ve gotten all dressed up and enjoyed a lavish, romantic dinner; after you’ve exchanged loving cards and opened a box of your favorite chocolates, favorite perfume and/or displayed your bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers; there’s only one thing left to do: Head to the bedroom.

Grab one or grab them all. These 10 products are sure to help you make it a date night to remember.

  1. Pure Satisfaction: For many couples, there’s a lot of buildup on Valentine’s Day. That’s really half the fun of it. So why not make everyday Valentines day-ish and get it started first thing in the morning with a little Pure Satisfaction? Activate your sexual sensitivity, and you’ll be anxiously waiting for the Valentine’s Day festivities to begin.
  2. Gizm-O: Get the party started before you even get to the bedroom by slipping Gizm-O into your panties and slyly handing your partner the remote on your way out the door to dinner. You bring a whole new meaning to the amuse-bouche!
  3. Floral Lace Bodystocking: Once you’re ready to move to the bedroom, slip on something naughty, like the Floral Lace Bodystocking. Your lover won’t be able to keep his/her hands off you, and all your favorite areas will be accessible for play.
  4. Feather Nipple Clamps: Date night presents an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new in the name of romance. So why not try something like the Feather Nipple Clamps? First of all, just the sight of you in them is sure to drive your partner wild. Second of all, many women find their nipples to be intense erogenous zones.
  5. Crèmesicle: Nothing gets sexy time started like a nice sensual massage. Crèmesicle works double duty in that it’s a moisturizing massage lotion in addition to being a tasty crème to lick up.                                                                                            image
  6. Candy-Licious: Skip the traditional dessert; instead devour each other. Candy-Licious is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Apply directly to your tongue or to your partner for delicious fun.
  7. G-Spot Crème: Let this be the night that you discover your G-spot. G-Spot Creme produces a titillating effect for sexual excitement, that helps you find and pleasure your special spot.
  8. We-Vibe 4: The We-Vibe 4 is the number one couple’s vibrator. The compact design hugs both your clitoris and G-spot without interfering with penetration. This toy doesn’t just help couples achieve simultaneous orgasm, it helps them reach better, bigger, more intense orgasms, also known as the “moregasm.”
  9. Lelo Tor 2: This is another amazing couple’s toy, designed for him to wear but couples to share. The Lelo Tor 2 is the perfect  gift for your man. Not only does it restrict the blood flow in his penis, helping him keep a harder erection for longer, but the sex powerful vibrating modes will bring intense pleasure to the both of you.
  10. Sensual Warming Lubricant: Above all else, don’t forget the lube. Wetter is always better! This is one product you won’t want to shy away from — EVER!!

Featured products in this post include: Pure Satisfaction (Item 2095 ∙ $42.50), Gizm-O (Item 1233 ∙$75.50), Floral Lace Bodystocking (Item 5384∙ $26), Feather Nipple Clamps (Item 3011 ∙ $19), Crèmesicle (Item 8111 ∙ $13.50), Candy-Licious (Item 8079 ∙ $15), G-Spot Creme (Item 2031  ∙ $29.50), We-Vibe 4 (Item  1309 ∙ $169), Lelo Tor 2 (Item 1004 ∙ $119) and Sensual Warming Lubricant (Item 2067 ∙ $15)

#SupportLocalMusic Eddie Haskill - D.R.U.G.G.I.E #TheMixtape


Teamwork Ent. is back with another release, just in time for your summer agenda. This time around we’re introducing a new movement!!!

The “SET_YOUR_OWN_PRICE” campaign!!! 

We know that the fans appreciate all that we do when we release our blood, sweat, and tears in the form of good music; and this is just another way for fans to show their support. Whether it be a penny, a million dollars, or a simple “job well done”; all feedback from the fan and consumer is noticed and goes a long way in keeping us motivated to continue dropping classic records. Thank you to everyone for all of the support!!! All of it is appreciated!!! So go for it!! Set your own price on the newest release!!! You can send your contributions to  through paypal. If you have any questions, or if you want to tell us how we’re doing, and how the music is sounding to you, feel free to drop us a line through email as well!!!

Again, thanks to all of our loyal and dedicated fans… We See You!!!!!


-Teamwork Ent.

Smigg Dirtee and Teamwork Ent. Present

Eddie Haskill “D.R.U.G.G.I.E. #theemixtape”

01) DOPE!!! - D.R.U.G.G.I.E. EXCLUSIVE _ (Prod. by Eddie Haskill)

02) PSA

03) D.R.U.G.G.I.E. Intro

04) All My N***** Get On

05) Believe Me feat. Smigg Dirtee (Full Speed Team-Mix)

06) I’m Tryna Get Mine feat. LiteGreen

07) Return Of Thee Wooork (MTGW FREESTYLE)

08) Drunk & High feat. Estelle

09) I Be On!!!  feat. Young Papi

10) B**** We Do Drugz feat. Young Papi

11) Loyalty (Team-Mix) - feat. Duelo

12) Paranoid (Team-Mix)

13) Get TF Out My Face (Team-Mix) Feat. Duelo

14) Epilogue (Dumb Life Outro) _ Prod. By Eddie Haskill

15) How I Live feat. Baby Bandit (Prod. By Eddie Haskill) **bonus**

16) We Won’t Stop!!! feat. Smigg Dirtee, Young Rebz **bonus**

17) Blame It On Kelz _ (Prod. By Eddie Haskill) **bonus**

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Eddie Haskill

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