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Cotton Candy Flavored Lovin’

cotton candy candy-licious

We are a cotton candy loving nation. And really, what’s not to love? It’s a big ball of sugar on a stick. We love cotton candy so much that we celebrate all that cotton candy has to offer not just once a year, but twice! National Cotton Candy Day falls on July 31 and then again on December 12.

Cotton candy is great on a warm summer day and comforting on a brisk winter day. But here at Passion Parties, we say why not skip the sugar surge and opt instead for some cotton candy-flavored lovin’?

Make yourself one big sweet treat by brushing on some Passion Parties’ Passion Powder in Cotton Candy. Dab some on your neck, especially back behind your ears. Sweep some in your cleavage and around your nipples. Brush some around your navel, trailing down to your sexy parts. Then, make your lover find all the sweet treats you’ve deliciously marked for sensual exploration.

cotton candy passion powder

For more cotton candy-flavored passion, try Candy-Licious in Cotton Candy. This flavored oral gel can be spritzed onto your tongue or directly on your partner, making oral sex sweet like candy.

And since it is National Cotton Candy Day, why not accompany your cotton candy lovin’ with a cotton candy cocktail? Simply fill a glass (or champagne flute) with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne over it for Cotton Candy Champagne – a new twist on a classic!

Bet you didn’t know you could love cotton candy any more than you already did… you are welcome!

Featured products in this post include: Cotton Candy RomantaTherapy Passion Powder (Item 2035 • $17.00) and Candy-Licious Cotton Candy (Item 8081 • $15.00)

August 14th Is National Creamsicle Day

Did you know that this Thursday is National Creamsicle Day? And what better way to celebrate it than with our very own Passion Parties flavored massage cream Crèmesicle™? It’s the perfect product to celebrate the day.

National Creamsicle Day celebrates a tasty summer cooler.

The heat and humidity of August beckons you to discover, and to enjoy, a summer cooler. A creamsicle is an excellent choice. This is one of several chilly ice cream and frozen snack days to enjoy on a hot, sticky August day. Just make sure to eat your creamsicle quickly before it melts.

Here at Passion Parties by Samantha we celebrate a little different — yet still very tasty!  Enjoy a fun, tasty experience with three enticing flavors to choose from. You’ll tantalize your lover while premium ingredients such as Vitamin E and Shea Butter refresh, nourish and moisturize your skin, Passion Parties’ Crèmesicle is offered in three delicious flavors: Orange, Strawberry and Vanilla.

The smooth consistency is prefect for massaging into your lover’s skin and the fruity smell and flavor will add imagery and excitement to foreplay. Not only does this product assist in massaging but also this product’s ingredients provide numerous other benefits. While you massage and play, Shea butter is a healing product and aiding in retaining elasticity in the skin and healing skin ailments. Shea Butter contains essential vitamins A, E, and F. Leaving your skin softer, healthier, and looking vibrant.

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