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Bunny Hop

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Get hopping this summer with Bunny Hop. This summer collection features Bunny Hugs and All Mine lubricant (formerly known as Revelation), which pair together perfectly because of the lux feeling both products provide.

Bunny Hugs is cute as a bunny and smooth as silk, but don’t let its non-intimidating look fool you. This toy offers 10 functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation. The curve of the clitoral stimulator nuzzles the clitoris, providing a hug-like feeling as well as warmth and comfort. With vibrations reaching from the base to the very tip of the bunny ears, Bunny Hugs is the kind of hug your clitoris is waiting for.

Pair it with a dab of All Mine lubricating gel, and the pleasure is even better, because wetter sex (even solo sex) is better sex! All Mine has the smooth feeling of a silicone lube, but is water-based, non-staining and actually reactivates with water. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue once it dries, and it is perfectly safe to use with Bunny Hugs.

So get hopping, and pick up your Bunny Hop Summer Collection today.

Passport to Passion - Tips for Great Vacation Sex at Home or Away

Passport to Passion

The Passport to Passion is your guide to the ultimate vacation sex – even if you don’t have any travel plans this summer. Vacation sex is all about breaking routines, tossing out schedules, leaving the worries of work and family behind so you can focus on the best destination there is – each other. Discover the passion this summer with these tips for the ultimate vacation sex.

1) Vacation sex doesn’t have to involve expensive airline tickets, passports or cab fare. Meet up at a local hotel for a night or a weekend. Visit a nearby restaurant for dinner. While you might go out to dinner all the time, going someplace other than home makes the evening more exciting. The next morning, order breakfast in bed from room service.

2) If you’ve never tried body finger painting, summer is a great time to try something new. With your partner’s naked body as your canvas, body painting involves a lot of sensual touch. It’s new and different and totally sexy.

3) Spice up a shower and have hot sex in summer rain. Bring your plants into the bathroom for decoration, burn a woodsy-smelling incense (like sandalwood, myrrh or cedar), turn on the shower and enjoy.

4) No time for a camping trip in the mountains with mosquitoes and lack of running water? Pitch a tent in the backyard. Use a lantern for some romantic lighting, inflate the air mattress and enjoy each other under the stars.

5) Have a summer picnic in your own living room. Lay out a blanket, prepare a picnic meal. Have lots of fresh fruit and hand feed each other. Curl up together and have a romantic movie marathon.

6) Captivate your partner by focusing on the sense of touch. Have your partner close their eyes or use a soft blindfold. Explore your partner’s body with a feather tickler, then your fingertips, and finally your lips. Spend five to ten minutes on each step. Save the best areas of your partner’s body for last.

7) If you have a pool or hot tub and lots of privacy, enjoy a playful skinny dip together.

8) Go all out and decorate a room in your home to mimic the scenery at a location you both want to go to in the future.

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